Kuranda Seyit Reverend Seforosa Carroll Bhante Sujato Dr Mehravar Marzbani Danielle Lauren

Over 50 young religious leaders from throughout Sydney gathered on Sunday at the Museum of Sydney for a historic interfaith solidarity forum to promote compassion.

This event was organised by social activist and filmmaker, Danielle Lauren. It was a project of the worldwide TED movement (Technology. Education. Design), a private non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing the power of love, forgiveness and compassion to communities everywhere. http://www.ted.com

It coincided with similar TED forums around the world to celebrate the signing of the “Charter for Compassion.”The Charter supports the golden rule – “To treat others like you would wish to be treated.”www.charterforcompassion.org

The following religious representatives gave passionate speeches about compassion from their perspectives:

Bhante Sujato – Buddhist

Professor William Foley – Buddhist

Reverend Seforosa Carroll – Christian

Rabbi Mendel Kastel – Jewish

Kuranda Seyit – Muslim

Dr Mehravar Marzbani – Zoroastrian

Danielle Lauren, who gave the opening and closing addresses, said “I still have faith in humanity – as long as we hold leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa or Ghandi as worthy recipients of our admiration and respect then all is not lost.”

“I hope the launch of the Charter for Compassion marks a new chapter in the history of humanity – where we use the principles of religion to bring us together instead of pull us apart.”

“I look forward to engaging more young leaders from Sydney’s vibrant multicultural communities to help spread the messages of the Charter.”