Sister Joan Chittister and Danielle Lauren

Sister Joan Chittister and Danielle Lauren

Danielle Lauren, an Australian Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion, has launched a campaign to get 100,000 handwritten signatures in Australia to support the Charter.

The Charter supports the golden rule – “To treat others like you would wish to be treated.

Ms Lauren, a Sydney-based social activist and filmmaker, made the exciting announcement at the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne at a special session dedicated to the Charter. The speakers included Karen Armstrong, who inspired the Charter, Sister Joan Chittister, Dr Chandra Muzaffar and Dr James Doty.

Ms Lauren said, “I call on Australians to sign the Charter for Compassion and proactively spread the message of compassion.”

If you would like to get involved or get more information, please contact Danielle at