Dearest Friends

I have just returned from a Charter for Compassion meeting in Boston – which can only be described as life changing.

The meeting consisted of only a few select individuals.  Fifteen people in total  – including myself. Attendees included Charter creator Karen Armstrong, religious leaders Rev Dr Joan Campbell and Rabbi David Saperstein, members from, the Fetzer Institute, Harvard Professors and International representatives of the Charter.  As you can imagine, sitting at the table with such well recognised and inspiring individuals was not only motivating, but life altering. To be honest, I’m still in shock that I was able to engage with such incredible people!

It became clearer to me throughout the meeting, that notion that inaction is action. If we do not actively make the effort to live a Compassionate life then we will not live a life of Compassion.  To be a compassionate individual requires one to step outside their comfort zone, stretch themselves beyond their own limits to experience a world beyond borders. Compassion is something that we can work on daily, it is an action that can be practiced from the moment we awake to the moment we sleep.  Compassion is an activity that you can partake in! My hope is that you choose to become an active player.

Over the next few months there will be very exciting initiatives happening with the Charter both locally and internationally. I sincerely hope that you decide to actively engage with us!

If you are involved in projects of Compassion, please inform us!  We would love to publicise your work. If you would like to assist us within our organisation than PLEASE contact us! We want to form a community of Compassion and I am looking to you – my fellow Australians – to be the change we wish to see in the world.

In the meantime my friends, I’m sending much love and compassion.


Karen Armstrong and Danielle Lauren

Karen Armstrong and Danielle Lauren