There are so many wonderful people carrying the Charter for Compassion flag here in Australia.

I just wanted to give a “Shout Out” to some very noteworthy Compassion Champions.

Anthony Orkin, a pro-active dedicated member of the Charter for Compassion team has been working tirelessly to ensure the Charter gets recognised and celebrated at both a grassroots and governmental level. Anthony was instrumental in helping launch the Charter for Compassion at Parliament House in June, and working with Waverley Councillor Yvonne Coburn to ensure that Waverley was the first council in Australia to recognise the Charter for Compassion.

Of course, the talented, dedicated and passionate Yvonne Coburn deserves recognition for bringing the Charter into realms of Waverley Council. Yvonne has always shown much compassion and care in all her actions and this was illustrated again by her drive to officially recognise the Charter. Many thanks go to Yvonne and Waverley Council for bringing World Famous Bondi Beach into the realm of Compassion.

Bianca Galgut, a 15 year old High School Student in Sydney, who went from class to class advocating the Charter and collect 231 Handwritten Signatures. Completely selfless and self-motivated, Bianca’s youthful energy is a wonderful example of how everyone has the ability to contribute to making the world a better place.

Last but not least, Elizabeth Young from Adelaide, South Australia has championed the Charter in the evangelical Christian Community. Inspired by her experiences at the Parliament of World Religions, Elizabeth has collected hundreds of handwritten signatures and created great awareness for the Charter for Compassion. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

Thank you to all our Champions for the Charter for Compassion. Your energy, dedication and passion is truly inspiring.

Thank you for being the change.

If you would like to become a Champion – please contact me

Sending much love,

Danielle Lauren

Australian Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion